What is Lead Management Solution

In today’s world, there are infinite sources of lead generation and when the lead volume is high, it is not realistic to enter each lead into the system manually. Lead capture automation ensures that each lead is fed into the system right at the point of origin, preventing lead leakage of any sort.


User Management

Our application lets you create and manage multiple user, who can track your lead records.Every user will have his own userid and password.


Role Based Access

There is role based access to lead rcords, which keeps your data safe and secure. This will be configured in user management.


Export/Import Records

One can upload or, download lead records in excel file format. This is configurable feature, which can be enabled or, disabled from user management.



Multiple reports having lead and sales growth by user, lead channel, aggregate based on multiple time frame.


Track Lead Progress

Admin user can track each lead personally, he can move it from one user to another to take it forward.A timeline against each lead will be shown on page.


Highly Secured Data

It is our top most priority to make customer data secure. We have multiple checks in place, enabled, which keeps your data safe.

Lead Capture Automation

We guide and provide multiple solutions so, that lead can be automatically captured in our system for your business. There are several sources of lead generations like, manually, your website, social media, we guide you on a different strategy to capture leads. It varies from business to business.

We Keep Our Customer Happy

Customer satisfaction is vital for our success and to keeping our product afloat. We don't just want to make money but also a good relations with our customers.

We were struggling with local and international leads. We were not able to manage them, lead management helped us a lot.

- Taieb Hussain CBO - Tejarat Marketing.

One of best way to improve your business performace. It is very easy to use.

- Jason Laster Head Sales & Marketing - Finalytics.

Working with Internal Results has been both successful and hassle free for us which was crucial given the fast-paced nature of our business.

- Melissa Adams CEO - Data Resolve